The Dilemma of Basia's Pendant: European Community Design and the Protection of an Artist's Creations and Intellectual Property


  • John Shannon Seton Hall University
  • Hector Lozada Seton Hall University
  • Barbara Rivolta Independent Artist and Designer



Community design, infringements, registration, invalidation, copyright, registered community design, EUIPO


This article is a description of the process of protecting a designer’s intellectual property through registration with the European Union Intellectual Property Office or EUIPO or through relying on the status of an Unregistered Community Design. The article discusses the registration process as well as the process of invalidation and considers issues relating to the enforcement of rights. Finally, the article focuses on whether a complaint about possible copyright infringement may be lodged against an online retailer or an online e-commerce website that offers unlicensed sales or unauthorized copies of a designer’s design by utilizing the descriptions or photographs of the designer.


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Author Biographies

John Shannon, Seton Hall University

Professor of Legal Studies

Hector Lozada, Seton Hall University

Associate Professor of Marketing

Director, Institute for International Business

Barbara Rivolta, Independent Artist and Designer

Palm Harbor, Fla.



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Hunter, R., Shannon, J., Lozada, H., & Rivolta, B. (2021). The Dilemma of Basia’s Pendant: European Community Design and the Protection of an Artist’s Creations and Intellectual Property. International Journal of Business and Social Science Research, 2(1), 1–12.